About The Show

‘Faulty Towers the Dining Experience’ is performed by professional actors.

It is a totally unique piece of interactive comedy theatre, where the audience are the dinner guests who are served a three course dinner by the manic Basil, the domineering Sybil and the hopelessly language-challenged Manuel !

Everything that can go wrong does, creating an evening full of laughter.

The audience can look forward to numerous mad moments and hilarious situations with these three characters made famous by the popular TV series “Fawlty Towers”.

The audience will get service - Faulty style of course !
 Just don’t mention the war !!

Try making Manuel understand what you want.....

Though some of the show is scripted, a large part of the evening is improvised, bouncing off ideas offered by audience members. 

This is a two hour fusion of food and fun !

The guests will not be asked to perform.

This show is suitable for theatre venues (where the dining room is created on stage if necessary), large restaurants where all the seating
is in one room, or in the banquet/function room in hotels.

No microphones will be used and the performance will be in English.

Contact us for full details and availability.

Impact Events & Entertainment Ltd   + 47 92 49 10 17    email: info@ukimpact.com